Cockroach Control in North County San Diego 



German Cockroaches are the most common and most difficult to control household cockroach. They are yellowish brown in color and have two dark stripes on the head that run from front to back. They are typically between 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long. They are abundant in places where there is food & water such as kitchens and bathrooms. These insects are usually brought into a structure in grocery bags or boxes and breed easily.


The Oriental Cockroach looks dark brown to black with a greasy sheen and is about one inch in length. They prefer dark, damp, cooler areas, such as under sinks, washing machines, spaces between soil and buildings, under stoops, and landscape mulch. This species is of much more concern because they often travel through sewer pipes and live in filth.


Cockroaches commonly enter homes through cracks, pipes, and sewer systems or are brought in via paper bags, cardboard boxes, electronics, furniture, luggage and produce. In apartments, condominiums, and townhomes, cockroaches easily move between units traveling through walls infesting rooms as they spread. Once inside, cockroaches search for sources of food and water, which is the reason they are most commonly found in kitchens under the sink, in garbage containers or inside of cabinets.


When you choose Major League to service your home our trained and state licensed technician will inspect and create a pest management program that integrates treatment or makes recommendations based on the needs of your property. Our policy of low-impact solutions provides you with the most effective methods for total control. Some homeowners attempt to control cockroach issues themselves. However, the misapplication of chemicals can re-route cockroach activity by causing the formation of new nesting areas and potentially contaminating your environment. Our professionals are trained to identify pest threats and treat the areas of your home most susceptible to pest activity. Major League Pest has the technology and training needed to not only treat foraging cockroaches, but eliminate cockroaches at their source. Our dedication to safety ensures a custom-tailored solution best suited to your family, pets and surroundings.


Over-the-counter cockroach control products are often incorrectly applied or combined with other counteractive pesticides, forcing you to spend more money on more products. The products a licensed professional company can utilize are much more effective than the products available to consumers. When homeowners do the math, they quickly realize that after purchasing the products and the time they spend applying them, they could have had a professional take care of the problem for the same or less amount of money.


For the best results possible, your home will need to be prepared for treatment. This includes removing all dishes, cookware and food from cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. After removal, thoroughly wipe down all surfaces inside the cabinets.

Initial treatment involves non-repellent chemicals, undetectable to cockroaches. The treatment is transferred from cockroach to cockroach, killing the colony just like a virus. After treatment, we require all treated areas to remain clean and uncluttered to ensure total knockdown. You will notice a continuing reduction in cockroach infestation levels around your home. Eggs will hatch and you may still see insects between the initial service and the first regular service until control is achieved. Your first regular service will begin approximately one month after the initial service.




Your first regular service will break the life cycle of the insects around your home and help to prevent future invasions. Beginning a regular service program 30 days after the initial service is the key to permanently controlling pests around the home. Once you have had your first regular service, pest presence will be reduced to a minimum level. Through ongoing regular scheduled services, your home will continue to be pest free.


It’s always good to have peace of mind knowing your service is fully backed with a promise of quality. That’s why if you experience pest problems after a regular service treatment, Major League Pest will return and retreat your home for free. When you partner with Major League Pest, you can stop worrying about insects infiltrating your home.


“We had a great experience with Major League for a fumigation at our investment property. This was our second time using them and this experience was as seamless as the first. They were informative, helpful and everything went exactly as scheduled. They are our go to for pest control and fumigation needs!”

Nicole N.
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“Major League took care of the outdoor bug problems at my new house. Great service, excellent communication. Completely satisfied customer.”

- Becky C.

“Dan came out to inspect the house and was nice and patient. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Happy with the whole process and recommend this company to anyone.”

- Richard D.

“We had a great experience with Major League for a fumigation at our investment property. This was our second time using them and this experience was as seamless as the first. They were informative, helpful and everything went exactly as scheduled. They are our go to for pest control and fumigation needs!”

- Nicole N.

“They recently "prepped" my house including repairs and replacement of fascia boards, outside rafters, etc., prior to tenting the house in order to eliminate termites. Their "prep" work was done, including new matching paint, (in less than five hours) on at least five different locations on the exterior of the house. Not only were they very professional and competent; just as importantly, they were very courteous, and responsive to all questions that I asked.”

- Patrick E.

“I am a return customer of Major League Pest. They recently treated portions of my home for termites. I was very pleased with their professional skills on ridding me of this destructive invasion. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

- Robert C.

“I have been using Major League for a few years for general pest control and they have been great. They are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and affordable. I started using them when I moved into my house because my neighbor recommended them. I have also used them for termite fumigation. While it’s not a fun process to go through, they made it as painless as possible and walked us through every step. If you need pest control service and/or termite extermination, I definitely recommend them.”

- Lauryn B.

“The technician was friendly, attentive and professional. The work was completed as promised and I was informed about how our every three month service would work. I especially like that Major League will come out between service dates in case there is a new problem. This was my first experience with a pest control company and I am glad it was with Major League. They were recommended by a family member and I understand why. This may be a life-long relationship.”

- Linda M.

“I am very pleased with all aspects of Major League! They did an awesome job of taking care of a troublesome dry rot repair and left the patio the way they found it. Prompt, Courteous, and Excellent Customer Service is who they are and what they do!”

- Chris M.
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