Comprehensive Termite Control Services in Oceanside & San Diego County, CA

We can’t blame anyone for panicking at the mere sight of termites in their home. Once you’ve seen them, you can’t help but wonder for how long they’ve been there, and how much damage they could have caused within your San Diego County, California home. But no matter what your first termite or termite activity sighting looks like, the very first thing you should do is call Major League Pest.

We offer a wide range of termite control services from our backyard in Oceanside throughout all of the county, and our low-impact, high-efficiency methods are guaranteed to help you rest easier knowing your problem is only temporary. Plus, we offer both one-time and recurring annual termite treatments—as well as termite damage repair services—for your peace of mind.

Heat vs. Orange Oil

Independent university study at Cal State Berkeley rates orange oil and discusses its limitations. There are better methods available at significantly better cost and efficacy. It is a spot treatment method only and termites can be left behind according to the study.

Major League Pest has found heat rated at 100% efficacy as a viable method to remedy a termite infestation. Localized methods with new generation products and wood removal of large infestations can be more cost effective and offer more control to correct your termite problem.

Drywood Termite Treatments

After we’ve completed an inspection of your home, your inspector may recommend one of the following termite control services:


Fumigation is the most common method of drywood termite extermination. There is no comparable whole house treatment method that replaces the 100% efficacy of fumigation according to the Structural Pest Control Board of California. If a fumigation for drywood termites is recommended for your home, occupants must move out of the structure for a period of two nights/three days.

Fumigation begins after the home or structure is fully sealed and tented. Vikane® gas fumigant is then introduced into the structure for a period of about 24-48 hours. Vikane is the best fumigant to eliminate termites because of its ability to penetrate all wood in the structure. Once the fumigation is complete, the tent will be removed and allow fresh air to flow through. The fumigation licensee will inspect the building with a gas meter to ensure the occupants are clear to return. A notice will be posted on the door and you will be allowed to re-enter.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are chemical free and a great method for inaccessible areas that local treatments cannot reach. There is no requirement to move out for days with this treatment. It is ideal for escrow certifications, multi-unit properties, and individuals that desire a chemical-free alternative. Its benefits include:

  • No chemicals
  • No move-out
  • No bagging of food and medicine
  • No odor
  • No roof damage
  • No harm to pets

Trained service technicians use specially designed heaters. Heated air flows through ducts to designated areas and is confined by thermal drapes. Inside temperatures are monitored by a state-of-the-art digital thermometer and internal temperature probes to ensure that wood core temperatures are maintained at levels that are lethal to wood-destroying insects.

Localized Treatment

Once a complete inspection has been performed, our state licensed inspector may determine that your drywood termite problem will not require a full fumigation or heat treatment. In these cases, we may offer a localized wood injection treatment. This is a perfect option for home and business owners who may have had fumigation or heat treatment within the past five years. Local treatments are also great for commercial buildings and apartment complexes, where moving multiple residents may not be feasible.

Localized treatment is a viable option for infestations in accessible woodwork around the home. Major League Pest has a selection of advanced generation products that are designed to have a non-repellant “mode of action” on termites. These materials transfer the product throughout a nest by termites coming into contact with each other. Old generation products using orange-based materials are in no way comparable to current technology. Major League Pest uses the #1 rated product in the nation to control termites from infesting your home.
Preventative treatment using natural borates is a long-term option for control of drywood termites. It stays active 24/7. It is commonly used for control in attics and can be applied as a complete treatment to all exposed wood in the attic space. Attics are commonly infested by drywood termites when they swarm. Stopping the infestation before it becomes a major problem saves you money. It can also avoid the future cost of a fumigation and extensive damage repair. Termite Preventative Plans include annual inspection and localized treatment. Keeping the cost low is the benefit of yearly protection. Have a professional do the hard work and give you peace of mind that your home is termite-free.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Major League Pest can also expertly solve a subterranean termite problem you may be experiencing. These are the methods we use, which vary based on the scale of the infestation:

Full Perimeter Treatment

For large infestations of subterranean termites, Major League Pest will apply a continuous barrier around the entire perimeter of the structure. This may be necessary for a completion eradication of subterranean infestations. The product we use to eliminate these termites also is a preventative product, providing complete protection around your home.

Localized Treatment

Localized treatments are very commonly recommended for subterranean termites. Major League Pest will apply a continuous barrier in the areas that are identified as infested. Localized eradication works well in limited areas or for small infestations.

What’s the Difference Between These Termite Species?

Although termites are universally known for their appetite for wood, not all species behave the same way. Check out our guide to the types of termites we frequently encounter and learn how to identify them if they enter your home.

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“We had a great experience with Major League for a fumigation at our investment property. This was our second time using them and this experience was as seamless as the first. They were informative, helpful and everything went exactly as scheduled. They are our go to for pest control and fumigation needs!”

Nicole N.
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“I have been using Major League for a few years for general pest control and they have been great. They are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and affordable. I started using them when I moved into my house because my neighbor recommended them. I have also used them for termite fumigation. While it’s not a fun process to go through, they made it as painless as possible and walked us through every step. If you need pest control service and/or termite extermination, I definitely recommend them.”

- Lauryn B.

“They recently "prepped" my house including repairs and replacement of fascia boards, outside rafters, etc., prior to tenting the house in order to eliminate termites. Their "prep" work was done, including new matching paint, (in less than five hours) on at least five different locations on the exterior of the house. Not only were they very professional and competent; just as importantly, they were very courteous, and responsive to all questions that I asked.”

- Patrick E.

“I am a return customer of Major League Pest. They recently treated portions of my home for termites. I was very pleased with their professional skills on ridding me of this destructive invasion. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

- Robert C.

“I am very pleased with all aspects of Major League! They did an awesome job of taking care of a troublesome dry rot repair and left the patio the way they found it. Prompt, Courteous, and Excellent Customer Service is who they are and what they do!”

- Chris M.

“Dan came out to inspect the house and was nice and patient. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Happy with the whole process and recommend this company to anyone.”

- Richard D.

“The technician was friendly, attentive and professional. The work was completed as promised and I was informed about how our every three month service would work. I especially like that Major League will come out between service dates in case there is a new problem. This was my first experience with a pest control company and I am glad it was with Major League. They were recommended by a family member and I understand why. This may be a life-long relationship.”

- Linda M.

“We had a great experience with Major League for a fumigation at our investment property. This was our second time using them and this experience was as seamless as the first. They were informative, helpful and everything went exactly as scheduled. They are our go to for pest control and fumigation needs!”

- Nicole N.

“Major League took care of the outdoor bug problems at my new house. Great service, excellent communication. Completely satisfied customer.”

- Becky C.
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