Pre-Painting Termite Inspections in Oceanside & San Diego County, CA

Is it time to repaint your house for a fresh new look? Painting can be an exciting project, so we can’t blame you if you’re ready to get started right away. Of course, there is something you should know before you book any painter’s services or even start yourself. You should know what kind of condition your San Diego County, California home’s exterior is in—because if you have termites or signs of termite damage, as well as dry rot, you’ll have bigger issues to worry about than just the curb appeal of your home. Before you begin that project, get in touch with Major League Pest to schedule a pre-painting termite inspection to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Why You Should Get a Termite Inspection Before Painting Your House

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a risky—and expensive—mindset to have when it comes to termite damage and dry rot. If you have damage that you don’t know about, painting over the problem won’t solve it or even stop it from getting worse. Plus, when you’ve painted your home and any pre-existing damage becomes apparent, you’re going to have to have the wood replaced or repaired and that section of your home painted over once again, costing you far too much money.

Our Termite Inspection Service

Major League Pest’s trained service technicians will carefully inspect your home’s exterior for signs of termite activity, lingering damage, and dry rot. Since our team has extensive experience with everything from small-scale residential repairs to restoring features of large commercial properties and historical structures, you can count on our keen eye for details to find any areas of concern and effectively fix them. And if you have an active termite problem, we offer a variety of effective treatment options ranging from localized treatments to whole-home solutions.

Contact Major League Pest today to learn more and schedule your pre-painting termite inspection at your home in San Diego County, CA.

“I am a return customer of Major League Pest. They recently treated portions of my home for termites. I was very pleased with their professional skills on ridding me of this destructive invasion. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

Robert C.
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“I am very pleased with all aspects of Major League! They did an awesome job of taking care of a troublesome dry rot repair and left the patio the way they found it. Prompt, Courteous, and Excellent Customer Service is who they are and what they do!”

- Chris M.

“Dan came out to inspect the house and was nice and patient. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Happy with the whole process and recommend this company to anyone.”

- Richard D.

“We had a great experience with Major League for a fumigation at our investment property. This was our second time using them and this experience was as seamless as the first. They were informative, helpful and everything went exactly as scheduled. They are our go to for pest control and fumigation needs!”

- Nicole N.

“I have been using Major League for a few years for general pest control and they have been great. They are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and affordable. I started using them when I moved into my house because my neighbor recommended them. I have also used them for termite fumigation. While it’s not a fun process to go through, they made it as painless as possible and walked us through every step. If you need pest control service and/or termite extermination, I definitely recommend them.”

- Lauryn B.

“I am a return customer of Major League Pest. They recently treated portions of my home for termites. I was very pleased with their professional skills on ridding me of this destructive invasion. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

- Robert C.

“They recently "prepped" my house including repairs and replacement of fascia boards, outside rafters, etc., prior to tenting the house in order to eliminate termites. Their "prep" work was done, including new matching paint, (in less than five hours) on at least five different locations on the exterior of the house. Not only were they very professional and competent; just as importantly, they were very courteous, and responsive to all questions that I asked.”

- Patrick E.

“Major League took care of the outdoor bug problems at my new house. Great service, excellent communication. Completely satisfied customer.”

- Becky C.

“The technician was friendly, attentive and professional. The work was completed as promised and I was informed about how our every three month service would work. I especially like that Major League will come out between service dates in case there is a new problem. This was my first experience with a pest control company and I am glad it was with Major League. They were recommended by a family member and I understand why. This may be a life-long relationship.”

- Linda M.
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