The Major League Difference

When you choose Major League to service your home our trained and state licensed technician will inspect and determine a pest management program that integrates treatment or makes recommendations based on the needs of your property. Our policy of "low impact solutions" provides you with the safest, most effective methods for your family's enviroment.


Why a professional?

Did you know that injuries in the home, such as poisoning, hurt more than 6.5 million people each year? Your safety is our number one priority. Remove the stress of having to store and apply pesticides inside your home by using a responsible professional you can trust! Don't just call any exterminator; call a Major League professional today!

Worsening Pest Problems

The misapplication of chemicals can re-route pest activity by causing the formation of new nests and potentially contaminating your environment. Our professionals are trained to identify pest threats and treat the areas of your home most susceptible to pest activity. Major League Pest has the technology and training needed to not only treat pest symptoms, but rectify pest problems at their source. Our dedication to safety ensures a custom-tailored solution best for your family, pets, and the environment.

The cost

Over the counter products do not last long and therefore must be applied weekly or bi weekly, making you spend more money on more products. The products a licensed professional company can utilize are much more effective and consistent than the products a consumer purchases from a store. When homeowners do the math, they quickly realize that after purchasing the products and the time they spend applying them, they could have had a professional take care of the problem for the same or less amount of money.


what we offer

Initial Service

The first pest service at your home is called the “initial service”.  Once this is completed you will notice an immediate impact on the pest infestation levels around your home. Adults will be flushed out and levels will be reduced. Life cycles of many insects revolve around a 30 day time period. Adolescents will hatch and you may still see insects between the initial service and the first regular service until control is achieved. The first regular service will begin approximately one month after the initial.

Regular Service

Your first “Regular Service” will break the life cycle of the insects around your home and help to prevent future invasions. Beginning a regular service program 30 days after the initial service is a key factor to a successful service plan. Once you have had your first regular service, we will have the pests at a controllable level. Through ongoing regular scheduled services, your home will continue to be pest free.



It’s always good to have peace of mind knowing your service is fully backed with a promise of quality. That’s why if you experience pest problems after a regular service treatment, Major League Pest will return and retreat your home for free. When you partner with Major League Pest you can stop worrying about insects infiltrating your home.