Rodent Treatments

Depending on the type of rodent problems you are facing, will determine the type of treatment or service needed.  A detailed inspection of your property is required to identify any species, entry points, and nesting sites.  Squirrels and gophers can invade your property throughout the entire year.  Rats and mice also invade year round but especially during the fall and winter months.  These pests must be taken seriously because of the health hazards they present and their ability to cause damage to items as a result of their gnawing.  Larger infestations may require several visits by a trained technician.


 After a rodent inspection is completed, treatments may be necessary to eradicate the problem.  Major League Pest offers initial treatments of exclusion work, baiting, and gassing (squirrels and gophers) and an on-going monthly service, which may be recommended if your neighborhood has high activity of rodents.